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Best International Food Markets in West Palm Beach


From an Italian Market to an Indian Market, from fresh pasta to baklava West Palm Beach has plenty of international food markets to explore!

These are all family owned and operated markets filled with hard-to-find international ingredients as well as prepared foods. Put together a gift basket for a foodie friend, try a new ethnic recipe, take your children for a cultural experience or treat yourself!


Amici Market

155 North County Road, Palm Beach
Amici Market is an Italian specialty market with everything from gourmet Italian ingredients like truffles to grab & go pastas & pizzas. Catering, wine cellar and gift baskets available too! Plan to spend a while browsing this beautiful market that you’ll want to return to again and again.


Mama Gizzi’s Gourmet Pasta

2212 North Dixie Highway, Lake Worth
I was recently introduced to Mama Gizzi’s Gourmet Pasta, and now I’m spoiled! I’ll never go back to store bought pasta again! From the moment you place your order over the phone with Leah (a.k.a Mama Gizzi), you know you’re in for a treat. She’s full of life, and her fresh pasta is full of flavor! I’ll let you in on a little secret…the finest restaurants in town get their pastas at Mama Gizzi’s because “those who know, know mama.”


British Depot

2402 North Dixie Highway, Lake Worth
Just a block away from Mama Gizzi’s, you’ll find British Depot filled with meat pies, bangers, marmalades and the most wonderful assortment of British candies. A must-visit for Easter and Christmas with the largest selection of Cadbury you can ever imagine. Of course, any time of the year, you’ll find their candy section hard to pass up.


Fortune Cookie

2700 Forest Hill Boulevard, West Palm Beach
You’ve probably driven by this little unassuming place many times, but don’t be fooled! Fortune Cookie is packed with Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai and Filipino foods as well as Asian beers and Japanese sake. I’m often intimidated in an Asian grocery, but Geoffrey Yao is the nicest guy and super helpful. He had me try a delicious jasmine green tea, and now I’m hooked! This is where local chefs shop for the best Asian ingredients, and you should too!


Mediterranean Market & Deli

327 5th Street, West Palm Beach
The aroma will welcome you in, and you’ll instantly be jealous of those who live in downtown West Palm Beach and can walk here every day! If you want to create a mezze-spread to impress, this is your place. Pop-in during your lunch hour, and they have a huge selection of prepared foods at very reasonable prices. PS – no visit is complete without their fresh baked pita bread.



Mama Bella Gourmet Market & Cafe

518 S. Dixie, West Palm Beach
Another great find in Downtown West Palm Beach…Mama Bella Gourmet Market & Cafe will remind you of a European market with many Eastern European delicacies as well as an extensive section of prepared foods. Must try food? The blinz which is a thin pancake wrapped around fillings like meat, cabbage, potato, mushroom, cheese or fruit..similar to a French Crepe.

India Bazaar

4780 Okeechobee Boulevard, West Palm Beach
Travel host and producer, David Hoffmann, introduced me to this Indian Market and said it’s the largest in South Florida! During the pandemic, I learned to cook several Indian dishes, and this is the place to go for all the exotic ingredients. If you’re not well-versed in Indian foods, don’t worry they’ll steer you in the right direction or just opt for the most delicious samosas from their deli counter!


Which market will you explore first?