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About Us

Meet the Founders

Kristl Story, CEO (Chief Eating Officer)

As a child, Kristl dreamed of being a baker and travel agent, and at age 50, she turned her passions into West Palm Beach Food Tours.

Favorite Food: Dessert (any dessert, yes…dessert is a food)

Favorite Food Quote: “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” –James Beard.

founder of west palm beach food tours

Eric Story, CFO (Chief Food Officer)

Eric is West Palm Beach Food Tours “bean counter”. Someone has to make sure we’re not eating the profits!

Favorite Food: Anything spicy… the hotter, the better!

Favorite Drink: A good German doppelbock beer.

Favorite Food Quote: “Everything in excess! To enjoy the flavor of life, take big bites. Moderation is for monks.” – Robert A. Heinlein

founder of west palm beach food tours

Meet the Tour Guides

Jonathan Tour Guide

Jonathan is the local craft beer expert, but food is his first love. 

Favorite Food: Authentic Texas BBQ .. he once waited 4 hours, by himself, for some of the most highly rated brisket in Austin, and he would do it again.

Kelli Tour Guide

Kelli is our expert celebrity spotter…she’s seen Venus Williams and Joe Biden on the tour so far!

Favorite Food: Shrimp…she the self-proclaimed Bubba Gump of West Palm Beach!

Anna Tour Guide

Anna lives downtown, and can’t wait to share her neighborhood with you! Don’t ask her about parking garages…she rarely drives!

Favorite Food: She’s a huge fan of local cuisine, and cooking is her soup-er power. Yes, soup is her favorite meal!

Shawna Tour Guide

She’s the self-proclaimed “Prohibition Princess”, and in 2021 she’s getting you back into FUN on our Happy Hour Tour!

Favorite Cocktail:  bring on the bubbles…champagne!

Favorite Food:  guava and cheese pastelitos, and she’s sure you’ll agree when you taste them on our Downtown West Palm Beach Food Tour.