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6 Reasons to Take a Private West Palm Beach Food Tour

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Last week, Pizza Girls closed their West Palm Beach location after 25 years in business. It’s heartbreaking when one of your favorite restaurants closes, and our family tradition of going to see Sandi the Christmas Tree and eating at Pizza Girls…it won’t be a family tradition anymore.

Also making headlines last week, beloved Palm Beach restaurant, Bistro Chez Jean- Pierre, shut their doors after 29 years. COVID is taking a toll on restaurants across the country. According to YELP, over 72,000 restaurants have permanently closed.

Local restaurants like Pizza Girls and Bistro Chez Jean-Pierre keep our cities vibrant, unique and authentic, and they need our support now more than ever. A Private West Palm Beach Food Tour is a chance for you to do something deliciously different and support local restaurants at the same time.

6 Reasons to Take a Private West Palm Beach Food Tour Right Now!

1. You’ll be in your own little food tour bubble…just you and your family or friends. Private food tours available for 2 – 10 guests.

2. Support 5 local restaurants in 1 day…hooray!

3. Perfect for an anniversary or birthday celebration with a little something extra to take home.

4. It’s all about YOU, and you’ll feel like a VIP.

5. A deliciously different way to spend your day, and so much more fun than going out to lunch at just 1 restaurant.

6. We hope to be moving back to public tours in October, so now is your chance to experience a private food tour.

PS – Pizza Girls Palm Beach Gardens location remains open, so I’ll have to get in my car and drive to get my NY style pizza fix!

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