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A Very Grown-Up West Palm Beach Staycation

updated 6/7/21

a man and woman holding wine glasses

The internet is overrun with staycation ideas for families, but empty nesters need staycations too!

It’s easy for an adult staycation to quickly turn into tackling the to-do list, but put the list aside because this is your vacation, and you need to treat it like one.

Let’s start with the rules of a grown-up staycation…

1. Turn off the news, it’s depressing.
2. Turn off the phone because it’s just another source of news or gossip.
3. Sleep in.
4. Stock up on some fancy snacks and beverages just like the mini-bar at a nice hotel.
5. No chores allowed.
6. Eat out, not in because doing the dishes isn’t a vacation.

Now that we’ve got the rules covered, who’s ready for their staycation?


10 Ideas for a Very Grown-Up West Palm Beach Staycation

1. Discover a Snorkeling Trail
It’s like a hiking trail but for snorkeling! Located in Phil Foster Park, under the Blue Heron Bridge, you’ll see starfish, seahorses, parrot fish and more. The best time to snorkel is around high tide for the best visibility. If you can’t find the snorkeling trail, you’re sure to find some friendly folks who are happy to share some tips. Added bonus…it’s swimmable distance from the beach with depths of 6 – 10 feet, and you can rent snorkeling gear at the park.

2. Relax and Enjoy the Sunset on a Hakuna Matata Catamaran Cruise
Hakuna Matata means no worries, and that’s exactly what to expect along with a gorgeous view of the sunset, mansions and mega-yachts. Dream on! The cruise departs from the Downtown West Palm Beach docks, and departure times are posted on their website.

3. Picnic at The Four Arts Gardens
A true hidden gem in Palm Beach that’s tranquil, beautiful and FREE! Trust me, there’s not a lot of “free” in Palm Beach. Pack a picnic and spend an hour or two exploring and relaxing in the Four Arts Gardens. Remember rule #6 – eat out, not in? I’d suggest picking up your picnic fixins at Buccan Sandwich Shop or Amici Market.

4. Walk or Bike the Palm Beach Lake Trail
Get a glimpse of the Palm Beach lifestyle as you walk or bike along the Lake Trail. Also known as the trail of conspicuous consumption, it’s a 5 1/2 mile trail that runs along the intracoastal waterway with 2 interruptions, so make sure to grab a map when you rent your bikes at Palm Beach Bicycle Trail Shop. After you’ve burned off all those calories, refuel at Sprinkles Ice Cream…a Palm Beach institution frequented by celebrities.

5. Try 5 Restaurants in 1 Day
If you love food like I love food, you’ll be living the dream on a West Palm Beach Food Tour! Expect plenty of food for lunch, interaction with chefs/owners, crazy stories and colorful street art. This tour checks all the boxes…FUN, delicious and that wonderful feeling you get when you support a local mom and pop restaurant.

6. Immerse Yourself in Our Juicy History at The Flagler Museum
If you love history and historic mansions…this one’s for you!

7. Enjoy a Cocktail at The Breakers
The Breakers is our crown jewel and a world-renowned resort, so dress up, valet your car and enjoy a cocktail at either HMF or The Seafood Bar. HMF stands for Henry Morrison Flagler and feels very Great Gatsby-ish. On the flip side, The Seafood Bar is ultra-modern with breathtaking ocean views and the bar itself is an aquarium!

8. Experience Our New Rooftop Bars/Restaurants in Downtown West Palm Beach
Instant relaxation guaranteed! Go for a drink, go for dinner, go for the view, go for the vacation vibe.

9. Try a New Restaurant
In fact, I just created a new rule! Limit your dining out to restaurants you’ve never tried, after all, that’s what you’d be doing on vacation. A few favs for a nice dinner out in the West Palm Beach area:


10. Relax at the Beach
After all, we’re lucky to live where others vacation.

Who’s ready for their staycation?