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Picture Perfect Palm Beach Photo Spots

Ready, set, snap!  You’re on vacation, and you’re on a mission to get the perfect vacation photo.  Whether it’s for your instagram post or your annual family Christmas card photo, Palm Beach is full of colorful, vibrant photo opps beyond the beach.  We’ve rounded up our favorite photo spots in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach.

#1, #2 & #3.   The Worth Avenue Clock Tower is an iconic photo spot on Palm Beach, but think beyond just getting a shot of the entire clock tower. Step inside the clock tower for this fun and romantic shot, or step to the side for an interesting close-up with our beautiful blue water.  423 S. Ocean Boulevard, Palm Beach

#4.  You can count on the lobby of The Breakers to always have a gorgeous floral arrangement, but you just might have to wait your turn to take a picture!  It’s a popular photo spot.  1 N. County Road, Palm Beach

#5.  We love this turquoise door, and we’ll tell you where to find it…Peruvian Avenue between Hibiscus Avenue and Coconut Avenue in Palm Beach  and across from the back side of Renatos.  Zoom out and you’ll also get the beautiful flowering bougainvillea and the turquoise door…doesn’t it just scream tropical, colorful, posh Palm Beach??!

#6.  Hopping across the bridge to West Palm Beach, make your first stop the steps at Rosemary Square. 700 S. Rosemary Avenue.  The steps can be found near the intersection of Rosemary Avenue and Hibiscus Street.

#7.  West Palm Beach is a vibrant city filled with colorful murals, and Einstein is a favorite picture spot.  You’ll find him next to Subculture Coffee.  If you take a wider shot, you can get in the equation me + you = ♥️ which makes Einstein a great spot for engagement, wedding or anniversary photos.  509 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach

#8 & #9.   Pretty in pink!  The original Sloan’s Ice Cream is the place to go if pink is your thing!  It’s the best ice cream in town, too.  112 S. Clematis Street, West Palm Beach

#10, #11, #12.  Head over to Grandview Public Market for all sorts of fun backdrops.  “Hello Old Friend” is on the floor as you enter the market from Clare Avenue, and it’s in front of Pumphouse Coffee.   Step out on their back porch where you’ll find this gorgeous blue & white wall, and in the parking lot you can’t miss “Love Conquers Wall.”  1401 Clare Avenue, West Palm Beach

Where are your favorite Palm Beach photo spots?


photo credit #11 & #12 – Grandview Public Market