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How to Order Cuban Coffee

a close up of a coffee cup on a plate

How to Order Cuban Coffee – A Cheat Sheet

You are ready to try Cuban coffee.

You walk up to the ventanita to place your order. Translation: walk-up window

You ask for Cuban coffee, and they ask, “what kind?”

You are totally confused, but not to worry we’ve put together a cheat sheet to help you order Cuban coffee.


This is the traditional Cuban coffee which is espresso sweetened with sugar, a lot of sugar! It’s served in a tiny espresso sized cup, and it’s often referred to as jet-fuel in South Florida. After you’ve tried Cuban coffee, you’ll know why. 😊


Cuban coffee for sharing. It’s served in a larger cup along with several little cups, so everyone can enjoy a shot of Cuban coffee. If you want to be the favorite in the office, stop by Havana Restaurant and order a colada with a box of guava and cheese pastelitos to go. Way better than American coffee and donuts!

Cafe con Leche

My personal favorite…it’s hot, steamed milk with a shot of Cuban coffee. Remember Cuban coffee is super-sweet, and I love Cafe con Leche because it reminds me of melted coffee ice cream. I’m a sweet tooth, so coffee that tastes like dessert is a good thing.


If you just can’t do black coffee, cortadito is Cuban coffee with a wee little bit of milk.

Now that I’ve got you craving a cup of Cuban coffee, where should you go to find the best Cuban coffee in West Palm Beach? I’ll tell you, and every local will tell you that you that Havana Restaurant is the place to go, and they can take care of your coffee cravings 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at their ventanita. How cool is that??!

Now, go forth with confidence and place your Cuban coffee order.