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Gift Ideas for Foodies

women at a restaurant

If you have a foodie friend in your life, these Gift Ideas for Foodies will score you some major brownie points and maybe even some brownies! Remember, take care of the foodies in your life because they’re likely the ones preparing your Christmas dinner!

Best Gift Ideas for Foodies

Food Tours and Cooking Classes
This year, think outside the gift box and give the gift of a culinary experience like a food tour or a cooking class. There’s a shift from buyers seeking gift products to buyers seeking gift experiences because doing makes people happier than having. Give experiences rather than things, and your gift will always be in good taste.

How do you find these culinary experiences? If you’re looking for a food tour for your sister Sally in Savannah, the Worldwide Food Tour Directory is a great place to start. If a cooking class sounds perfect for Aunt Bessie in Birmingham, do an internet search for “cooking class in Birmingham.” You get the idea. Now, relax and enjoy your Thanksgiving because you can avoid the Black Friday shopping madness!

P.S. – Give the gift of a West Palm Beach Food Tour gift certificate and save 20% with discount code: gift.

Sure you can give them the latest trendy kitchen gadget, but there’s a good chance it will end up in the kitchen gadget graveyard along with the George Foreman grill, the spiralizer and the chocolate fountain. Personally, “I’ve got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty,” so before you fight the crowds at Williams Sonoma, make sure your sister Susie really needs another gadget. Chances are she’d rather collect memories, not things, so go back to the paragraph above and re-think the food tour or a cooking class option.

If you’re still convinced your foodie friend really needs another kitchen gadget, a trip to Williams Sonoma is in order. This year, two of the most-popular gadget gifts are…

Zoku Mini Ice Cream Maker – create individual portions of homemade ice cream in just 10 minutes!

Bacon Smoking Kit – just add pork to this kit, and it’s everything you need to smoke and cure your own bacon.

Food for a foodie…genius! Skip the popcorn tins and opt for regionally inspired gifts like Smoked Salmon from Washington State, a Goode Company Pecan Pie from Texas or Pure Maple Syrup from Vermont. The gift will have even more meaning if it’s from your hometown or a place you vacationed this year. I must confess that these are all delicious gifts that I have received, and I would be thrilled to receive them again and again.

If you dare, try to impress your foodie friend or family member with a homemade delicacy. Warning: this is not the occasion to try out a new recipe.

Serving Pieces
As long as your foodie friend has plenty of storage space, a serving piece is a great gift. How about a salsa dish from Mexico or a personalized cutting board? is one of my favorite places to find one of a kind serving pieces.

Consider starting a cookbook collection for a friend or family member, and gift giving will be simplified for years to come. One of my all time favorite gifts is my collection of Junior League Cookbooks…each year, my sister-in-law adds to the collection.

Now go forth and shop with confidence now that you know the best gift ideas for foodies. If you’re lucky, your foodie friend might thank you by inviting you to dinner.