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Food Tours

Food Tours – The Best Way to See a City

man showing how to cut a coconut

You’re on vacation, browsing the internet looking for the best things to do in West Palm Beach, and up pops the West Palm Beach Food Tour. What’s a food tour? Glad you asked! It’s a delicious and entertaining way to learn about West Palm Beach food and drink tastings at 6 of the best local…

Culinary Tourism – How to Find the Best Local, Authentic Food When You Travel

man cutting coconut

You want to see the sights, visit the famous landmarks, take pictures and have memorable food experiences. This is culinary tourism, and it’s the hottest trend in travel. One of the best ways to experience culture is through food – local foods, local stories and local people. Now that you know what culinary tourism is, savor…

The Wonderful World of Food Tours – A Diary of My Food Tour Travels

people gathered round table at a restaurant

My Food Tour Travel Diary My love of food and travel has taken me on 36 food tours, and I’m sharing a little nibble of each one to give you a glimpse inside the wonderful world of food tours. Come along, there’s delicious food to discover and local stories to be told. 1. Austin, Texas: Rocket…

What’s a Food Tour? It’s a Delicious and Entertaining Way to Learn About a City

people at a restaurant table

Looking for something fun to do when you are too sunburned to go back to the beach? Try a walking food tour! What’s a food tour? It is the perfect way to introduce your family to new foods, new restaurants and get a little history about the area. Are you looking for something different to…

Must-Have Foods in Every State

colored map of the united states

In my world, vacations are all about food. If there’s a food tour in town, I’m on it. If there are must-have foods, I’ll try them! So, that got me thinking…what are the must-have foods in every state? I came up with some, but I drew a blank when it came to states like Delaware…

It’s the Fall Foodie Flash Sale!

Man Woman Pizza

Editor’s Note: The Fall Foodie Flash Sale is over, but you can still save 10% on food tours around the world with discount code: TasteTheWorld West Palm Beach Food Tour is excited to be a part of the biggest foodie sale ever! Don’t miss this one…25% off tickets and e-certificates to the world’s best food tours. 38…