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Discover the Kind Diners Society: Dine, Save, and Support Local

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The Kind Diners Society in South Florida offers a unique opportunity to dine, save, and support the local restaurant community in a meaningful way. It’s not just about the savings—it’s about creating a positive impact every time you dine out. This approach not only benefits the members and the restaurants but also the hard-working individuals who are at the heart of every memorable dining experience.

How the Kind Diners Society Operates

Search & Savor:
Search the Kind Diners Dining Guide for participating eateries. You’ll find menus, photos, and writeups on more than 100 South Florida restaurants, bars, food trucks and food related businesses. From popular favorites to hidden gems, this is a fantastic resource for anyone who loves great food finds.

Enjoy Exclusive Savings:
Members are rewarded with a substantial VIP savings of 20% off their entire check at every restaurant and business on the Kind Diners Dining Guide. With unlimited uses and very few restrictions, membership starts at just $8.99 per month and often pays for itself after the very first use. This immediate benefit not only enhances the dining experience but also makes frequent outings more affordable. The only requirement is to be a kind human when dining out.

Giving Through Saving:
Members of Kind Diners Society feel good knowing that a portion of their membership is used to bring joy to others. Each month, $1 of every membership is deposited into the Kind Diners Virtual Tip Jar. At the end of every month, the pooled money is used to surprise a deserving local restaurant employee with a generous, unexpected tip from ALL of the Kind Diners. This monthly random act of kindness unites the Kind Diners Community with the Restaurant Community to show appreciation for their hard work all year ’round.

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, joining the Kind Diners Society adds an extra layer of joy and purpose to dining out.