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10 Must Eat South Florida Foods

a sandwich cut in half on a plate

You’ll want to try all 10 of these must eat South Florida Foods, and we’ll let you know where to find them in West Palm Beach.

1. Cuban Food
No visit to South Florida is complete without tasting Cuban food, and expect huge menus and huge portions. If looking at the menu has you feeling overwhelmed, we’d recommend trying Ropa Viejo (shredded beef cooked with tomatoes, onions & peppers), Lechon Asada (a pulled pork with mojo sauce and onions), Picadillo (ground beef, tomatoes, olives and raisins), Cuban Sandwich, Guava Pastelitos (pastries), Cuban Coffee and Tres Leches for dessert (three milk cake). Enhance your Cuban dining experience by ordering from a ventanita which is a little walk-up window. Our recommendation for Cuban Food: Havana Restaurant, 6801 Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach. PS – The ventanita at Havana is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

2. Key Lime Pie
When in Florida, you’ve got to have a slice of Key Lime Pie, but how do you know if it’s the real deal? The creamy tangy filling should always be yellow, and expect the perfect sweet-tart balance. If you’re served a slice of green Key Lime Pie, send it back because they’ve added food coloring, and chances are they didn’t bother to use real Key Lime juice. Our recommendation for the best Key Lime Pie: Ganache Bakery, 301 S. Dixie, West Palm Beach. Jamal, the owner & chef is our local Food Network Star, so you know his Key Lime Pie is going to be the best!

3. Pandebono
A deliciously addictive Colombian cheese bread that pairs perfectly with coffee. Because it’s made from the root vegetable, yuca, it won’t have the texture of bread, and it’s gluten free. Pandebono translates to good bread, and it really is very good bread. Our recommendation for the best Pandebono: Salento Coffee, 407 S. Dixie, West Palm Beach

4. Local Tropical Fruits
Coconuts, Mangos, Sapodillas, Tamarinds, Rambutan, Guava and Passionfruit would top our list of favorites. Our recommendations for where to buy local tropical fruits: West Palm Beach GreenMarket (October thru mid-April) and in the summer (mango season) visit Tropical Acres Farms, 1010 Camellia Road, West Palm Beach.

5. Fresh Fish
Mahi, Red Snapper, Grouper, Hogfish, Cobia and Wahoo top the list. Our recommendation for a local seafood restaurant: Leftovers Cafe, 451 University Blvd., Jupiter.

6. Key West Pink Shrimp
In season November thru April, these pink shrimp get their bright color from the pink coral sand they call home. They’re sweet, tender and easy to peel. Our recommendation is to try the Key West Pink Shrimp and Grits at Sassafras, 105 S. Narcissus Avenue, West Palm Beach.

7. Florida Stone Crabs
Stone Crab season is October 15 – May 15, and they get their name because the shell is as hard a a rock. Very sustainable since only 1 claw is taken from the crab, the crab is returned to the ocean and regenerates a new claw. The succulent and pricy crab meat is served cold with a butter or mustard sauce. Our recommendation: PB Catch, 251 Sunrise Avenue, Palm Beach

8. Ceviche
A traditional Latin American dish made by marinating raw seafood in lime juice. The acidity of the lime juice cooks and tenderizes the seafood without heating it, so technically, it’s not raw. Peruvian ceviche is the most popular in South Florida, and our recommendation is Dr. Limon, 533 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach.

9. Arepas
What are arepas? It’s a flat, round cornmeal cake that’s stuffed with deliciousness! Made popular in South Florida by our Venezuelan and Colombian communities, it’s definitely a must-try South Florida food. How does a chorizo, egg and avocado arepa sound? Our recommendation: TocToc Arepas can be found at the West Palm Beach GreenMarket, Gardens GreenMarket and at events throughout South Florida.

10.Food Tour
A food tour is not one specific food, but it’s the best way to try the must-eat foods in South Florida or any place you travel. Every bite tells a story! Our recommendation: West Palm Beach Food Tours.

If you haven’t tried all of these South Florida foods, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go on a delicious adventure and start checking off this list.