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Florida Bachelorette Party Ideas in West Palm Beach

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The Best Bachelorette Party Ideas in West Palm Beach, Florida

You only get one chance to throw your BFF a bachelorette party to remember. These Florida bachelorette party ideas are a great way to see the Greater Palm Beach Area while bonding with your besties.

Not from around here? Party buses and tours are especially helpful if you’re not local or are new to the area. You won’t need to worry about getting around — or getting lost.

West Palm Beach Bachelorette Party Ideas

West Palm Beach is the perfect city to host your bachelorette party. We’ve got miles of sandy beaches, sunny days and one of the best food and drink scenes in the Sunshine State. Whether you’re into  partying or keeping your bachelorette party low-key, there’s plenty of options, from food and drink tours to boozy boat cruises.

Florida Bachelorette Party Idea #1: Food Tour or Happy Hour Tour

What better way to spend a day with your best gal pals than to get out in the sunshine and enjoy a meal and a few drinks?

The Downtown West Palm Beach Food Tour and Historic West Palm Beach Neighborhood Food Tour take you to some of the hottest restaurants in the area. Nosh on tacos, sip sangria and learn how to open a coconut.  If the bride-to-be would rather party, a Happy Hour Tour is sure to please. Whatever you choose, you’ll be on-trend since food tourism is currently the hottest trend in travel. Looking for food tours outside of West Palm Beach? Check out this list of the Top 9 Food Tours in Florida.


Florida Bachelorette Party Idea #2: Catamaran Cruise

The best way to enjoy the water in West Palm Beach is to get out on a boat, and specifically get out on the Hakuna Matata Catamaran!  Expect sunset cruises, happy hour cruises and even mimosa cruises.


Florida Bachelorette or Bachelor Party Idea #3: Party Bus

Damn Good Beer Bus  is not your ordinary party bus!  If craft beer is your scene, you’ll taste a variety of beers and visit up to three breweries. Choose from a list of nearly 20 breweries to keep your crew refreshed and entertained.  This is a great option for a bachelor party too, or you could throw a Jack & Jill party on the Damn Good Beer Bus.


We’ve got you covered with great ideas for wedding welcome gifts too! How about a Snack Bag of Sunshine filled with South Florida flavors and sunny vibes?

updated 9/16/22