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Best Tours in West Palm Beach

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When it comes to the best tours in West Palm Beach, we like to think we know our stuff — even when it comes to tours that don’t involve food. Yet, finding local tours isn’t always easy if you’re not familiar with the area, so here’s a quick geography lesson.

• West Palm Beach is the largest city in the county of Palm Beach.
• Palm Beach is also an island located across from West Palm Beach.
• The town of Palm Beach is on the island of Palm Beach (yes, this is the island where the rich & famous live…more than 32 billionaires to be exact!)
• Palm Beach International Airport is located in West Palm Beach.
• Confused? Just remember, “Palm Beach” is in the name of a town, an island and a county. West Palm Beach is the major city.

Our definitive list of the best tours in West Palm Beach and beyond will help you get to all the must-see spots in our neck of the woods.

Best Tours in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Food Tours

We can’t write about our favorite tours in our home city without mentioning the best food tours in West Palm Beach. It just wouldn’t be ethical. Of course, we might be a bit biased, but we happen to think our food tours really take the cake. Literally.

  • Downtown West Palm Beach Food Tour
    Our most popular experience, the Downtown West Palm Beach Food tour takes you to some of the most celebrated local restaurants in our city. Meet chefs featured on the Food Network, enjoy 15 tastings and a few cocktail pairings if you so choose.
  • Historic West Palm Beach Neighborhood Food Tour.
    This tour is for those travelers who not only want to enjoy the iconic foods and history of a place; they want to discover the road less traveled and the stories that take you deeper into a culture. If you fall into this category, you know who you are. Our Historic West Palm Beach Neighborhood Food Tour takes you to a restaurant owned by a five-time James Beard Award nominee, a Spanish-style historic inn and gets you the best tacos in West Palm Beach. And just in case you’re wondering, yes: there will be cocktails, sangria and a little Cuban coffee!

Palm Beach Segway Tours

One of the best ways to explore both West Palm Beach and Palm Beach is by Segway. These motorized scooters can help you cover more ground than if you tried to explore by foot. Their tour guides will entertain you with crazy stories about our area.

Purely Palm Beach

Want to hear the Palm Beach gossip, the interesting history and discover some hidden gems? This tour takes you past the glamourous buildings that have made Palm Beach what it is today. Sites include:

– The Breakers Hotel
– Sea Gull Cottage
– The Paramount Theater
– Mar-A-Lago
– Worth Avenue
– Consignment stores

Damn Good Beer Bus

If you like a tour that includes adult libations, this one’s for you! The Damn Good Beer Bus takes you throughout Palm Beach County to some of the area’s most popular breweries. All tours include a full beer or a beer flight at three breweries.

Palm Beach Dolphin Tours

Half the reason to head to Palm Beach is to get a glimpse sea creatures! Palm Beach Dolphin Tours gets you out on the open sea — and up close to these beautiful and friendly creatures. Not only will you see dolphins on this tour, but you’ll also hear their otherworldly songs through a hydrophone. In addition to dolphins, you’ll also get to check out sea birds, turtles and even the occasional shark!